Tip number 2: Make everyday filled with positivity.

My tip number 2: When we do something that is positive rather than negative we feel very happy, calm, at peace ,even liberated. To find positivity in lockdown can be hard,but I have a few ideas up my sleeve. Hear is a list that you could do as individuals/family. 1. creativity – such as painting,Continue reading “Tip number 2: Make everyday filled with positivity.”

Best wildlife photo’s : April 2020:

while we are all in quarantine we have been told by the government not to go out socially or work etc. which I am not able to go to my local spots we I can take photographs of wildlife. so I have adjusted to different way of taking photographs of wildlife. These were all takenContinue reading “Best wildlife photo’s : April 2020:”

what I have been doing while in lockdown. My tip number 1.

Hello, Today’s blog as you probably seen in the title. My tips on what has helped me during the lockdown/quarantine. My first tip is writing a list to do each day. Before the self quarantine /lockdown I had a routine. I would go on the bbc weather app to find out what was the bestContinue reading “what I have been doing while in lockdown. My tip number 1.”