The last couple of days I have been on an mission to take a photo of a bee. You may think “that’s easy” . I thought so but it hasn’t. Today I made sure that I brought out my camera and sat in the garden and wait for the right time to take photo. The camera I am using is a canon power shot SX50. Which in the camera world it’s very old but it still takes great photos, it’s got a built in zoom lense which is always handy when you take a shot from further away.

So I waited and the bees were landing on the blackberry bush which at the moment hasn’t got fruit on it yet but it has these beautiful white flowers and the bees ,especially the bumblebee is going crazy of it.

So I started taking photos of them. At first some were blurry which is annoying because they kept moving about like they have got “ants in their pants lol” .

They are (bees) my second favourite animal ( first is elephant). Did you know their are a few types of bees? I didn’t know this till last year. Here are my favourite pictures hope you like them as much as I loved taking them.

Love kelly.

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