Tip number 2: Make everyday filled with positivity.

My tip number 2:

When we do something that is positive rather than negative we feel very happy, calm, at peace ,even liberated.

To find positivity in lockdown can be hard,but I have a few ideas up my sleeve.

Hear is a list that you could do as individuals/family.

1. creativity – such as painting, writing stories, playing an instrument/ courses etc.

I remember when I was a kid I went round my cousins house and my aunt would get a few potato’s. She would cut it in half and would make/carve out a star /square etc . Use it as like a stamp to dip it into the paint . Press it down on a sheet of paper and you will get a lovely result. I loved it I’m sure your kids will.

2. Water fights in your garden.

Now that the weather is getting warmer. I don’t know about most kids but for me in the summer holidays (not every week) we would have a water fight. My aunt and my mum, friends would put bin liners over the top of their clothes to protect themselves from us kids but it was a few adults against quite a few of us kids lol then afterwards it was all over we get a jam donut and the game was not to lick your lips but I always would fail.

3. Reading /audio book.

I have been made it a goal to finish a book I have started a while back and that has taken my mind of what’s happening at the moment. I am trying to start a book and then wont go on to the next book until I finished the book I am reading.

Also I have been listening to audio books on my Spotify but also BBC Sounds. you can listen to audio or podcasts so many to choose. At the moment I love to listen to at the moment is stories/episodes of Sherlock Holmes . I have been listening to it in the garden/indoors. Hearing it the story comes to life and I enjoy it so much that I cant wait to hear the next episode.

4.listening to music/games.

I love listening to music. Anytime of the day I would put music in the background while I am doing stuff or listening to it in the garden. Board games/quiz are so good but so is cards/domino’s(So many to choose) or my personal favourite “Jenga”.

love kellyxxx

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