what I have been doing while in lockdown. My tip number 1.


Today’s blog as you probably seen in the title. My tips on what has helped me during the lockdown/quarantine.

My first tip is writing a list to do each day.

Before the self quarantine /lockdown I had a routine. I would go on the bbc weather app to find out what was the best day to go out and do photography, other general things I would do every week for example cleaning ,food shopping , work etc.

when we went into lockdown my whole routine went out of the window. I didn’t know what to do. In the end I sit on my bed and watch tv. which was not good at all.

I spoke to a friend on the phone and I told him I was finding it hard and I didn’t have my routine that I had for so long. He said to me that he could understand that. He had his routine too but what he said next was the answer that I was looking for. He said to me he had been writing down each day what he was going to do. Once he had done them he would sit down and watch his programs. Like a reward for himself because he had done what he did that day. That one piece of advice made perfect sense to me. (Simple but affective)

Since then I have been writing each day what I am doing every week. I write down 3/4 things to do each day and it has worked for me . I know that this will work for you too. Thank you for taking your time read this blog post . next blog post coming soon.

Kelly xxxx

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